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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

sippy cups

My children seem to reach new milestones everyday. It happens faster with the second than the first child. Before you know it they are sleeping through the night (and waking at six in the morning), walking (and falling...lots), and talking (and repeating things you wish you hadn't said in front of them). Right now we are potty training my second child. And true to form, she is mastering this skill in no time. But when it comes to somethings we seem to be stuck. Sure we have moved out of bibs (and invested in more stain removal spray), but we still use sippy cups. Not that they can't drink from a real glass, but I clean up enough messes. (Did I mention we are potty training?) And, I don't need anyone - including me - crying over spilled milk, or juice, or whatever. So we use sippy cups. And after a day of new milestones, and a few setbacks, I like to have my own sweet drink to sip - like this refreshing watermelon cooler.

To make your own you will need:
Several slices of watermelon
4 strawberries, hulled
A few fresh sprigs of mint
Juice from 1/2 a lime, more for garnish

Place the lime juice in the collection container of a juicer. Add in the mint, berries, and melon to the juicer. Be sure to remove any rinds and seeds from the watermelon first. Juice ingredients completely. Stir and pour over ice. Garnish with more mint and lime. Serve immediately.

This is great (baby) poolside or even in the middle of a hectic day indoors. My kids even like it. Of course, I serve theirs in a sippy cup.

Monday, June 24, 2013

mint green

I am not a trendy person. I am usually (at least) two steps behind on fashion trends or diet fads. I stick to the basics and figure what's out now will eventually come back around. Like I just saw jean jackets are back! I still have mine deep in a closet somewhere...But according to pinterest mint green is big right now. Blouses, butter dishes, you name it - that color is everywhere. I'm not sure I can pull off mint green skinny jeans, but I do have a current love affair with this mint green tea. Does that count?

To make your own gather the following:
1 large package of green tea for iced brewing (I used Tazo, but there are others out there.)
Several sprigs of fresh mint
1 lime (and orange would also nice)

Boil the tea in water according to directions. Let steep with some mint in pot. Remove mint. Pour tea into a pitcher. If you want it a bit sweet add in 1/4 cup of honey now. Squeeze in juice from half of the lime. Add more water and fresh ice cubes. Slice the remaining lime and add to pitcher. Stir and place in refrigerator for at least an hour. Serve cold.

This drink is great on a hot day - and they are all hot this time of year. I used mint from my CSA, but you can also grow your own very easily. IT is really trendy to grow your own - didn't you know?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

quintessentially southern

 When I went to law school in D.C. there were a few things that I missed about southern life. People up North walked so fast - every where - all the time. Nobody doddled about like me. People loathed the humidity - even though it was nothing compared to my home town of Memphis. Eighty-five degrees and a fifty percent humidity index woulda felt like spring back home, but in D.C. the police were passing out bottle water to tourists. We don't break a sweat until the heat index makes it feel like its over 110 degrees in the summer. But the cultural difference that stands out the most in my memory was the lack of sweet tea.

If you go to any place to eat in the South and order tea, the waiter or waitress will always ask, "Sweet or unsweet?" And as a rule, southerners always order it sweet. We take pride in our sweet tea. It is in every home. It's our coffee when it is too hot outside, our water when we want to be refreshed. It is the nectar of what it means to be southern. Fragrant honeysuckles, sweating sidewalks, bright azaleas, fresh slices of tomatoes, softball sized hydrangeas and sweet tea are my idea of summer in the South. And on a perfect day recently, I made this amazing mint infused earl grey sweet tea.

To make your own gather the following:
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water, plus more for brewing
2 cups of fresh mint
4-5 bags of earl grey tea

Boil earl grey tea according to directions. Let steep on stove. In a separate pan add sugar and cup of water. Mix and turn heat on medium. Add in mint leaves, stems and all (mine came from my CSA, but I always have some in my garden this time of year too.). Cook until sugar dissolves. Do not boil. Remove mint with tongs. Pour mixture into a pitcher. Add brewed tea on top. Add more water if needed. Top with ice. Place in refrigerator for at least an hour. Serve over more ice.

Maybe if folks up North would just slow down a bit and have a sip of this refreshing sweet tea they wouldn't mind that tiny bit of humidity so much. It's just an idea, y'all.
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