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Sunday, November 28, 2010

you are all winners

While there is only one winner to my giveaway, it sounds like lots of you out there won the lottery in other parts of your life. I am so glad you all have tons to be thankful for. The carnivore and I are certainly full of gratitude for all the blessings big and small in our lives too.

But, drum roll please, the winner of the giveaway is...Kate! Congrats! Look out, a giant can of goodies is on its way.

Also, my local food bank will be receiving 18 cans of food thanks to all of you who entered. Heck, I might just round it up to twenty. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

thanks & giving

So around this time of year, people across the country start fretting about food. What they are gonna make, how many hours its gonna take, how are they gonna get it all done and clean the house and wrangle the kids and deal with all the family. I'm stressed out just writing that down. And, as usual we often forget the meaning behind the holiday. Its right there in the title - we should be giving thanks. I try to always make a few small donations to my local food banks and shelters around this time of year, just to help me keep perspective on the holiday since there are many people who are thankful for a hot meal.

But this year, I decided to go even further. See, I got this email from Red Gold awhile back asking if I wanted them to send me anything. And while I don't normally do this sort of thing, they mentioned that they made a 15,000-pound donation of canned tomatoes to Mid-South Food Bank here in Memphis. Well, any friend of the Food Bank is a friend of mine. So, I got the goodie pack. And, I used the tomatoes in my chili recently. But, what to do with the rest of the stuff. Well, I have decided I would hold my first giveaway, readers, but with a twist.

Not only will one lucky winner (choosen randomly) get the goodies pictured above, but for every entry the carnivore and I will donate a can of food to a local shelter. See we are thankful we get to enjoy so many great meals together and we want to give back. So, let me know what you are thankful for in a comment below. Then check back on Sunday and I will announce the winner and the grand total of the number of cans we will be giving away.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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