Tuesday, February 12, 2013

heart chocolate

Valentine's Day, like most days, is different now that my carnivore and I have kids. Instead of dinner at a fancy restaurant by candle light complete with champagne and decadent desserts, we usually just eat at home. I do try to make it special nonetheless. Last year we had a heart shaped breakfast for dinner. I baked heart shaped bacon, I cooked eggs in heart shaped holes in toast. And I used the heart toast bits to top cheese grits. It was a big hit. Brinner always is - heart shaped or not. This year I think we may celebrate with mini heart pizza. Again, I am certain this will go over well with all my loved ones - big and little. I know the way to my valentines' hearts.

I do try to steal a few moments with my main man once the kiddos are all tucked in bed. We may not be painting the town red, but we can still snuggle on the coach with a warm cup of cocoa - complete with a heart shaped "marshmallow." Actually, this isn't a marshmallow at all. Its just cool whip that I slathered on a small baking sheet and froze for an hour. Then I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to create the topping for the mug of liquid chocolate. Sweet and simple and the perfect way to end V-day in my opinion.

How are you celebrating this year? Any exciting food plans? Have your Valentine's Days evolved with your family? I'd love to hear from you!

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