Thursday, November 8, 2012

fire and ice

We sadly picked up our last bag of CSA goodies last week at our local botanical garden farmers' market. Somehow every week that we have gone the weather has been beautiful. I strap the kids in my double stroller, a gadget that has truly changed my life, and we stroll along from booth to booth, grab our CSA, get a few extras from other farmers, and then take a walk through the gardens. Luckily we are members and can still visit the garden, but I will miss my weekly influx of fresh local food. My son will miss the weekly Italian ice. Even when the days grew colder, he insisted our first stop be for "ice cream."

I have never understood people who could eat cold things when it was cold outside. As soon as the air gets brisk and leaves are crunching under my feet, I am all about pots of chili and mugs of cider. That doesn't however, stop me from enlisting my husband to venture out into the cold to grill. Lucky for me, like many men, my carnivore is always ready to light a fire.

Not too long ago we whipped up some kabobs. The carnivore, of course, had a selection of meats on a stick. I, wanting something meaty too, opted for mushrooms. All I did was toss cleaned baby bellas in a large ziplock bag with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and some fresh basil (which is still growing in my herb garden despite the cold snap). I then skewered and the carnivore grilled them for about eight minutes. I covered them with fresh feta crumbles, a few grape tomatoes, and more basil. It made for a wonderful main course alongside brown rice and green beans. 

It may have been cold outside, but these warm morsels filled me up. Of course, there is always room for dessert...Ice cream for dessert, anyone?

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