Thursday, July 5, 2012

changing your mind

My daughter is going through this really cute and somewhat annoying stage. She is learning to stand up. And as many of you parents out there can attest this is an amazing thing to witness. Little legs wobbling and hips rocking as she grips onto the nearest piece of furniture with all her might. And then she decides she wants to sit down, but she doesn't know how. So she cries until I sit her down. In a matter of seconds she has pulled herself upright again. And a few minutes later, you guessed it, she wants back down. We've enacted this ballet more times than I can count. (My mother swears I did the same thing. So, each time I just tell her it's okay as I plop her back down. After all, she is a woman and has the right to change her mind as many times as she wants to.

I have changed my mind about a few things over the years. Much to my husband's chagrin I have decided heavy pieces of furniture look better in different places. I have learned I do like real beer - you know the stuff not found in a frat house. And, I have recently decided I like brussel sprouts. Now coming from a vegetarian this may not be earth shattering news, but nonetheless its a paradigm shift in my mind.

I have found two quick and easy ways to prepare them. Inspired by this recipe I first tried them roasted in the oven. Since I was cooking for just me and the kids I used only one small bag of sprouts, two cloves of garlic, a quarter cup of water, and kosher salt and pepper to taste. I then baked them at 425 degrees for thirty minutes, tossing midway through.

Bullied by my success I next tried them grilled. I generally followed this recipe. I simply tossed the sprouts along with some home- grown grape tomatoes and a bit of horseradish mustard and olive oil. I skewered them and had the hubs grill them for about ten minutes rotating as needed. I then served the veggies with crumbled maytag blue cheese.

I really can't decide which way I like them better. But that's okay. I guess I am allowed to change my mind on that too.


  1. Thanks for posting!!! Can't wait to give them a try :)

  2. cool! i love brussel sprouts I bet they're good with this flavour profile!

    1. Please for the love of food and simplicity, can we refrain from using the term "flavour profile"?


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