Monday, June 18, 2012

substitute teacher

Remember when you were in school and you came to class only to find a substitute teacher. This meant generally one of two things, depending on the substitute. Either the push over substitute showed up and you were going to get away with playing poker til the bell rang or the strict one was there and you were going to be filling out several worksheets your teacher left behind. I recall one substitute to this day who fell into the later category. He was an impeccably dressed African-American man with a shaved head. He looked like he spent his time outside of the classroom in the gym bench pressing freshmen boys. We called him Mr. Q and did anything he said. We were better behaved when he was in the class than when our regular teacher was there. 

I say all this to point out that no matter what the circumstances, the substitute is never the same as the real thing. This is also true for meat substitutes. A veggie burger can be amazing, but it doesn't taste like a real one. They will never make fake bacon that is just like real pork. However, this isn't always a bad thing. For example, when I am making my carnivore a steak dinner I have to find something to substitute in its place on my plate (even if we share the same sides). Recently, I found a replacement that was outstanding - just like Mr. Q. 

These overstuffed mushroom caps were filling and spicy. I ran across the Pioneer Woman's recipe on pinterest and you can find it here. They were creamy and meaty all at once. Who needs a steak? Okay, some people do...and if you are one of them (like my carnivore) that's fine. I realize these are only a substitute for you meat eaters, but sometimes, that's a good thing.

P.S. These would make an amazing appetizer at you next party.

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