Saturday, November 12, 2011

celebrate good times

The carnivore and I recently celebrated four years of wedded bliss. Sometimes it feels like it has been much longer than that (in a good way, people), and sometimes it feels like just yesterday we were in Mexico with all our friends and family reciting our vows.

I think its important to mark these occasions in our lives. So, even though I had a toddler who was in my pantry feeding the dogs milkbones and a new born who was sure to wake any moment, I took the time to make a special dinner for us. This included everything from lit candles to breaking out the china. Most importantly, it also meant making a real dessert. Since my time is limited though I had to find something with a big wow factor for minimal effort.

Enter the Pain au Chocolat I found on one of my favorite websites, Everyday Occasions. (I want to live in this woman's house and eat her food.) You can see the original recipe here. Since I was making this for just us, I only used one sheet of puff pastry and 4oz of semisweet chocolate, but I followed the other instructions.

Can you say amazing? This dessert was phenomenal...and ridiculously easy. (It was basically breaking up some chocolate and rolling it in dough.) The perfect way to celebrate our four years together. Even if things are a little different (and better) today than when we said our I do's!


  1. Hi all,
    This dessert was phenomenal...
    and ridiculously easy,
    (It was basically breaking up some chocolate and rolling it in dough)

  2. Well i admire this desert.It is awesome. Thanks for sharing wonderful information. Keep it up.


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