Sunday, September 4, 2011

labor and delivery

Maybe its because I'm less than three weeks form the birth of my second child, but all I have thought about this weekend is how ironic it would be to give birth on Labor Day.  I realize, of course, the holiday has nothing to do with childbirth, but it's still all I can think about.

Let's just say I am hoping to make it through the weekend and through the next few weeks, for that matter. In the meantime, the only thing I hope to be giving my family that makes them smile is this simple berry layer cake. You can find the recipe (which I posted a long, long time ago) by clicking here. The only changes I made to this cake are that I used a mixture of berries and made my own whipped cream from scratch. You can see how I do that by clicking here.

It is tasty and easy to bake. Those are both important when you are as pregnant as I am. Plus, the carnivore and the kid love it too. That makes the labor I put in it even sweeter when I deliver it to the table. 

Hope you and yours have a great weekend!


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