Friday, November 5, 2010


You know that Sandra Lee character from the Food Network? She half makes a lot of stuff. Well, I kinda hate her. Actually hate is a strong word (and a bad word according to my neighbor's littlest girl). So I'll say I semi-hate her. She just really annoys me. Maybe its all the matchy matchy table settings and set props. Maybe its the over the top Halloween costumes and themey food she does for her nephew. Or that every meal has a cocktail to go with it - wait - I don't hate that part.

Truth be told I do my fair share of semi-homemade stuff too. Who doesn't? I just don't brag to the whole world about it like I invented the idea...except for maybe this recipe. This is my spice cake with brown sugar pears and cinnamon whipped cream. And here's the big secret - I use a boxed spice cake. Why reinvent the wheel people?

To make the other parts of this perfect fall dessert you will need:
3 ripe blushing pears
2 tblsp of unsalted butter
1/4 cup of brown sugar
ground cinnamon
whipping cream
and a box of spice cake
(and whatever it calls for too)

Start by making the cake according to the instructions on the box. I like to make mine in a bunt pan. It makes me feel better about cheating a bit on this step. At the same time slice the pears into bite sized pieces. Add them to a quart sauce pan with the butter and brown sugar. Cover them and let them simmer over a low heat while the cake cooks and cools. Once the cake is ready whip the cream and several dashes of cinnamon (you wanna be able to see it but not have it turn your whipped cream brown) in a mixer until hard peaks form. Slice the cake while warm. Serve with a heap of pears and dollop of cream. Let the cream melt and dip the cake in the buttery sauce it. Can you say amazing?

This is a yummy rich dessert that you can feel good about since you are at least getting some fruit in your family. I know every time I get the carnivore to eat anything green I do a little jig. And, so what if it is semi-homemade? Its wholly fantastic on any fall evening.

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