Saturday, July 18, 2009

pizza, pizza!

Everyone has a fall back fast meal. It might be spaghetti at your house or it might be quesadillas. It is a meal you can do without thinking. One that makes everyone happy. One that you can whip up in just a few minutes. In our house, that meal is pizza. In fact, if it were up to the carnivore we would have pizza every other night, maybe more. I like pizza, but I don't love it like him. Unless, of course, it is made special, gourmet style even. Here are our latest examples.

First, I had a pesto ricotta pizza. I made fresh basil pesto with herbs gathered from my garden in my food processor. You can find my quick and easy recipe here. After smoothing a generous portion of pesto on a pre-made organic crust from Whole Foods, I then added some shredded provolone and mozzarella. Next I added generous dollops of ricotta. Finally, I ground fresh pepper across the top.

Believe it or not the carnivore loves the pesto pizza, but he likes to have meat more often than not. So, this night I decided to recreate his favorite sandwich from our local pub. It is known as the marvelous chicken sandwich. The ingredients are pretty much the same as those listed below but it is one a bun instead of a pizza crust. And I know with the carnivore I can never go wrong with bacon. So, this is know as the marvelous chicken pizza.

To start with I used bar-b-que sauce instead of pizza sauce. Any brand should do. I then applied a generous portion of provolone and mozzarella to the crust. Next I add pre-made bar-b-que chicken breast that I sliced into bite sized bits. (I used Bell Evans brand if you are wondering.) Next I cooked some hardwood smoked bacon till it was almost done, sliced it, and sprinkled it all over the pizza.

I cooked each pizza about twelve minutes at 375 degrees, just until the cheese was bubbling. I then took out the marvelous chicken pizza and turned my broiler on. I left the pesto ricotta pizza in until the ricotta started to brown.

It was that simple, but the pizza were anything but. So, next time you decide it is pizza night, first, put down the phone. You can make something that is better tasting and probably better for you than delivery. And, you can cater it to anyone's tastes. Try to think outside of the box. Like I just saw a recipe the other day for a white pizza that had heirloom tomatoes, red onion and cold avocado added at the end that I am dying to try next. Experiment. And if you have a gourmet pizza idea let us know...we'd love to try it out!


  1. Yummy! I like my pizza "gourmet" also! I have a couple of recipes on my blog that maybe the carnivore would like! :-)

  2. HoneyB, the carnivore looked at your pizza and said he would in fact like me to try some of them!


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