Friday, May 1, 2009

tacos for two three ways for cinco de mayo

Since Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner (and some of you may be celebrating this weekend) I thought I would do another Mexican recipe. Who am I kidding, I could eat Mexican everyday. The carnivore and I actually got married in Mexico and we dig all things Mexican. I mean there is all that melted cheese and cold beer to wash it down with. What's not to love? In fact the picture with the Corona was taken by the carnivore's sister on the beach where we got married. When I look at it, I am always reminded of my love of Mexico (swine flu or not) and its food. I must admit though, the carnivore and I do prefer to wash our Mexican meals down with Sol - a real Mexican beer (i.e. more locals drink it). But, I digress...

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I offer you tacos for two (at least) three ways. It is not as kinky as it sounds. Now, I know in some of my previous posts it may be hard to tell which dish belongs to me and which belongs to the carnivore, but this one is a no brainer kids. He wouldn't touch a raw tomato or lettuce with a ten foot pole. So, that's my taco on the left and his on the right. But, if you look closely you will see the "meat" looks the same. I assure you it isn't.

To make this dish, I get two pans and put hamburger meat (on the right in the pic) in one and frozen soy crumbles in the other (on the left). I know they don't sounds appetizing, but the really taste like less greasy beef. They have the same texture and everything. I use the Morningstar Farms brand most of the time. I add a little vegetable oil to the soy pan, but not to the other. The beef usually produces enough oil on its own. I do try to get the carnivore organic sirloin whenever possible though. Add in a little taco seasoning to each and it is time to eat!

As mentioned before, I like to have crispy lettuce and fresh tomatoes on mine, the carnivore doesn't. We both love shredded cheese though. I sometimes will also add in some pico de gallo to mine or just some taco sauce to give it a kick. I also usually have both soft and hard shells on had. They are cheap and keep well if stored correctly, so me and the carnivore never have to chose between the two. Tacos often means vegetarian refried beans (homemade or from the can). The carnivore sometimes likes to add the beans to his taco. On this particular night he got really creative and created his very own double-decker (see below). What can I say...

The man is nothing if not inventive! So, celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your family with tacos. You can not only pick if you want real beef or soy, you can also decide if you would like hard shells, soft, or even both! And, don't forget to wash it all down with a nice cold beer - preferably one that requires a lime.

menu ideas:
We serve these tacos with refried beans most of the time. We also start the night with chips and cheese dip (in my heated dip tray - a genius invention - see my store for one of your own). And if you still need something green on your plate because you hear your mother's voice in your head, add in a sliced avocado tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper.


  1. I love the variations and what a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

  2. I love tacos! I can't believe it's almost cinco de mayo! Where has the year gone?!

  3. Taco night is the BEST night! I'm not a huge fan of the soy crumbles so I use refried beans in my tacos. I really like Amy's organic refried beans. Now I need tacos!!
    Also, tell your husband he is a taco genius.

  4. I keep meaning to buy the soy crumbles and try them in chili.... I think you have convinced me!

  5. I love soy crumbles in my chili! You should absolutely try it.


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