Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lazy summer dessert

Sometimes I want dessert, but after making dinner I am just too lazy to make something too elaborate. And, there are compromises I am willing to make on these nights. For example, in this dessert I didn't make the cake. I got those pre-made shortcakes. I know all the true foodies out there are groaning, and I know they aren't as good as the real thing. But, sometimes a girls gotta do what she's gotta do to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. Plus, they are super cheap. I got this pack of four for one dollar - that's twenty-five cents per cake, people. You can't beat that in this economy!

Now, having admitted that I will cheat on making the cake, there are some things I will not skimp on. The first is of course, fresh fruit. I use frozen fruit very rarely. Nothing wrong with it. But, especially this time of year the fruit is so amazingly fresh there is no reason not to buy the real thing. Also, if you shop your farmer's market you can get a good deal and give back to your local economy. Plus, it is a yummy way to go green.

The other thing I won't cheat on is making my own whipped cream. To be fair, my wonderful in-laws did get me a Kitchen Aid mixer as a wedding gift, so that takes a lot of work out of this step too. Simply putting a container of whipping cream in the mixer with a splenda or two and setting it to go is easy and the results are fantastic.

The carnivore always thinks I am spoiling him when I pile on the whipped cream, but in truth I am sneaking in some fruit and doing very little work for a yummy dessert. It is the very definition of getting my cake and getting to eat it too!


  1. That's what we are having for dessert tonight. My great aunt picked strawberries and we were lucky enough to snag some. I like to buy the bundt-like angel food cake from Kroger. I'm also cheating with a can of Redi-Whip!

  2. That's a great looking dessert and who says it has to be made from scratch all the time?!

  3. Yum. I'm the only one in my house that like strawberries. I make my whipped cream the way i was taught as a child. I put a marble in a contained of cream. Make sure the lid is on tight, and shake shake shake! Turns out wonderfully every time.

  4. Tthat's a great and yummy dessert, I love strawberries!


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