Tuesday, July 16, 2013

morning inspiration

Many years ago when I became a vegetarian I had a hard time re-learning how to eat. There weren't many cookbooks out there that laid out meal plans or even uncomplicated dishes. I seriously spent a whole summer eating side dishes once. But as time passed I learned how to make my meals more balanced. And the food world evolved too. Before I knew it my little grocery store have everything from fake chicken nuggets to corn dogs.

I am now at a similar crossroads. After years of consuming more than my fair share of fake bacon (affectionately known as facon in my family), I am trying to wean myself off the more processed soy products that I have relied on in the past. This is especially true at breakfast. So more oatmeal with blueberries, more scrambled eggs with cheese on english muffins, etc. This has taken some planning on my part, because I am not a morning person. It is much easier to zap a few slices of facon than to prepare a real meal, especially with two toddlers at my toes demanding that I breakout the playdough before I have my coffee. But, I know that eating fresh food is better for me, and my famliy. So I have been scouring my cookbooks and pinterest boards for new ideas. This simple one, however, came from my CSA bag. And I thought I'd share it with you, because you too may be in need of a little morning inspiration.

What you need:
your favorite savory bagel
    (go to a local store and get them fresh if you can)
whipped cream cheese
thick slices of fresh tomato
several fresh basil leaves

I simply toasted my everything bagel, topped it with cream cheese (on both sides because I am a glutton), and stuck the tomato and basil in between to make a simple savory breakfast sandwich. It was so lovely to taste the fresh garden goodies first thing in the morning. And the carby bagel and protein packed cream cheese gave me enough energy to get in a five mile run that morning. I can't think of a better way to start that day.

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