Sunday, January 29, 2012

iron man

I used to have this cheap black plastic iron man watch. It wasn't flashy or fashionable, but while I was spending my summers life guarding at the local water park it was indispensable. Year after chlorinated drenched year it kept working leaving a white tan line in its place.

I recently received a simple black cast iron skillet for Christmas, and it is quickly becoming my new iron man. Its durable and reliable, and it can cook just about anything on any night. And, call me crazy, but things taste better in it too. Recently when I made this butter herbed chicken for my carnivore, after just one bite he said, "Mmm. Good!"

To make your own grab a seasoned cast iron skillet. Melt two tblsp of butter over medium heat. Pat two chicken breast dry. Add kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, and generous amounts of dried chopped parsley to each side. Place breast in butter. Brown each side and continue to cook til juices run clear. Adjust heat to prevent burning as needed. Squeeze half a lemon over breast just before serving.

It is a dish I will certainly add to the frequent rotation. Like my trusty cast iron skillet and my faithful iron man watch I know it won't fail to please each time its on the plate.

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