Thursday, October 20, 2011

survival kit

First, let me say I am sorry for that it has been so long since I posted anything. I had to take a break because the carnivore and I welcomed another foodie to our family! As you might imagine learning to juggle all the new responsibilities has meant some things had to go on the back burner - like this blog. The good news is we have still been eating well thanks to my survival kit. See, I learned a few things from when we had our first baby. Most importantly - mommy needs her rest. Secondly, mommy needs her food and she needs it fast! So to prepare, I stocked my freezer, fridge, and pantry.

I started with breakfast. I learned from last time people will bring you food - casseroles, dinners, even desserts, but no one makes you breakfast. And after a long night, the last thing I wanted to do was think about making a meal...but I needed food (see above). So I made both a loaf of banana nut bread and a loaf zucchini bread and froze them. When baby came all I had to do was pull them out to defrost.

Lunch time I knew would be rushed. Between nursing the new baby and feeding my little guy, I wanted to make sure I would have something on hand I could throw together quickly. My cheat sheet pizza is a perfect example of that. Take something store bought, add a few items from the fridge (calamata olives) or CSA (heirloom tomatoes) and lunch is served in minutes.

Of course, I couldn't forget dinner. Dishes like my slow cooker ravioli and my killer three cheese lasagna are freezer friendly in their own ways. They also are carnivore pleasers...they are Italian after all. And with a few items from the pantry (beans, rice, seaonings) and some frozen meats (ground beef and sausage) or the vegetarian versions, tacos and red beans and rice also come together in no time.

So, don't worry, the carnivore and I have stayed well fed during these first few weeks with the new baby. It just took a little planning before she arrived. You can do it too if you are expecting your own bundle of joy soon, by checking out my other freezer friendly foods and marvelous main dish ideas for more ideas, like stew. Now, I'm off to get some of the rest that I mentioned earlier while the baby sleeps!


  1. Thats one interesting survival kit.

  2. Woohoo to the new little carnivore!!
    I love the pizza cheat sheet and use it regularly.

  3. Thanks Mads! Glad the cheat sheet is helpful.

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