Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bitty bella bruschetta

Maybe it is because I have a baby and another on the way, but I find everything tiny super cute these days. You know you aren't immune to it either. How many times have you seen a new puppy or a little pair of shoes and just melted? It even happens to my carnivore every now and again. Don't let his big frame fool you, he's a sucker for small stuff.

I personally love itty-bitty food too. That's why this baby bella bruschetta is a big hit with this vegetarian. To make your own you will need the following:

a large loaf of ciabatta
one quart of baby bella mushrooms
two-three garlic cloves
one pad of butter
one small shallot
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper
fresh parsley

Start by slicing a good loaf of ciabatta into your desired sized - bigger for a main dish, smaller for appetizers. Peel and halve a garlic clove. Rub each slice with the garlic. Then brush the bread with olive oil. Place the bread in the oven on a low broil until golden. In the meantime, saute the cleaned and sliced mushrooms in a bit more oil and another garlic clove that is finely diced and one small chopped shallot. Add in one tblsp butter and let it melt. When the mushrooms soften, add a touch of salt and pepper. Take the toasted bread from the oven and top with the mushroom mixture. Add finely chopped fresh parsley over the top. Then bite into the creamy mushrooms and crunchy bread!

menu ideas:
This is a fantastic finger food sized appetizer, but can make a meaty (pun intended) vegetarian main dish. When I made it recently, the carnivore grilled himself an organic fillet from our new meat CSA. We shared buttered peas and baked potatoes.


  1. All spices have worked well. By the time I finished reading this my mouth was watering. I ran into my kitchen and lucky for me because I have all the ingredients.

  2. The best bruschetta I ever made!!! The only thing I changed was I added a little less vinegar. Easy and delish!


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