Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hot potato

It is that time of year again - Spring! The dogwood is blooming, the azaleas have just popped with bursts of red and pink, and wisteria is scenting the backyard breezes. The kids next door are alternating playing on their swing set and riding their bikes every afternoon. And baby omnivore and I are taking daily walks around the neighborhood listening to the birds sing to each other. It is such a nice break after winter.

The carnivore has two rituals this time of year too. First, he goes nuts clearing our yard. It must be the male version of spring cleaning. And, secondly, he breaks out the grill - as often as I ask - which is often. I love the charred taste of just about anything. Plus, it helps get me out of the kitchen and onto the back porch where I can get a little sun and properly supervise supper preparations.

Just this weekend I had him cook our entire lunch on the grill. We start with your standard hotdogs. His real, mine not. Then we added something new to our repertoire. Instead of the usual french fries that would require heating up the oven and thus my house - we grilled our potatoes. I just took a couple of large red potatoes, cleaned them and sliced them in half. I then placed them in a large plastic bag with some olive oil, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, and a few springs of rosemary from our revived herb garden. I swished everything around til all sides were well coated and left them there to soak while the carnivore heated up the grill. The carnivore cooked them on direct heat for about 20 minutes, turning every five, until the skins were crisp and the insides were soft. They were a bit dry and coulda probably been improved upon by a simple drizzle of olive oil at the end, but all in all were quite tasty.

Oh, and to finish things off we had some grilled pineapple for dessert - yum! So celebrate Spring by seeing if you can't con your grillmaster into cooking your entire lunch for you. (P.S. If you are wondering those are the fake dogs in the pic above.)

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