Wednesday, February 16, 2011

two burgers, two ways

Let's be honest, daytime television is crap.  If it weren't for the cooking channels I don't know if I'd even turn on my TV all day. That being said, even the food networks can get a bit mundane. I mean, can you go an hour without seeing Rachael Ray cook a burger in some form or another? Sigh. Well, maybe I've been watching too much of her lately because I recently decided that the carnivore and I had to have burgers. But, just like Rachael, these weren't your ordinary burgers...

Now I have told you before how to cook a veggie burger and not have it taste like cardboard, but if you don't remember the basics, you can find them here. On this night though, I went a step further. I sauteed some earthy baby bella mushrooms with slivers of red onion in a smidge of olive oil til they were perfectly caramelized for my topping. I also melted shredded provolone directly on top of the patty. As final touches, I added a handful of mixed baby greens and a smear of sundried tomato pesto to my toasted sesame seed bun. The smoky cheese and tangy pesto gave just the right balance to the hearty mushrooms and sweet onions.

For the carnivore I fried up a few slices of hickory smoked bacon and set them aside. Please note - cook more than you need for the burgers. Carnivores can't keep there hands off cooked bacon and you will next extra. I then fried his ground turkey patties that I had seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder in the bacon grease. (This is the only way I know how to get my man to eat a turkey burger.) I melted thick aged cheddar on top and after adding the broken pieces of bacon, I slathered on some sweet bar-b-que sauce. No veggies in sight, but there are at least trace amounts of tomatoes in the sauce right?

So there you have it - two ways to make your "healthy" burgers taste terrific. I think Rachael would be proud. Have to run and change the channel now. Baby omnivore is in love with Giada (brunnette with cleavage who cooks all the time, hum??) and she comes on soon...


  1. haha I would totally have to make extra bacon to keep my carnivore happy. And let's face make myself happy too.
    Thanks for the veggie burger tips! These will be super helpful for our vegetarian Tuesdays.

  2. Oh my god, I didn't need to see this 45 mins before lunch, they look amazing. *drools*


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