Thursday, February 24, 2011

meatless midweek

I know, I know. Its supposed to be "Meatless Monday." And while I applaud any effort by families to eat less meat by foregoing it at the start of the week, why should Mondays have all the fun? I mean, just because it has a nice alliteration doesn't mean it is the only day you can go vegetarian. So whatever day of the week you pick, let me suggest a few pasta dishes (my effort at a theme - also easiest in my house because my carnivore loves all things Italian) that will please even the pickiest meat eater in your life. They are all easy and hearty. What's not to love about that?

First, a favorite in my house - killer four cheese lasagna. It takes just a few minutes to put together and then you can dine on it for days. The family is sure to love these layers of rich cheese, fresh herbs, simmering sauce, and filling pasta.

Now, my baked cannelloni admittedly usually only comes out on special occasions because it takes a bit of dexterity stuffing the tubes - but it is so worth the effort. Bubbling ricotta and rich red sauce. What's not to love?

If you are feeling a bit sneaky, I suggest my devilish penne. Your carnivore may not think he eats red peppers until you make this spicy sauce. Cooled down with dollops of rich ricotta, the blend is robust but not overpowering.
If you are really brave, make a plate of greens. Combining spinach ravioli with english peas and fresh basil (maybe even a side of string beans), means your family will be getting more than one green thing on their plate - and cleaning it up too.

Of course, if you have just hit that midweek slump and you are looking for something really simple, try my slow cooker ravioli. Easy, cheesy and sure to please!

Is your family going meatless at least once a week? Is it for budget reasons, health reasons, both, something else all together? What dishes do you serve that make everyone happy? Let me know below.


  1. We try to do Veggie Tuesdays.
    It's hard to come up with main course dishes that fully satisfy the carnivore in my life. Thanks for these recipes!

  2. Oh god I love the cheese lasange, looks amazing!


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