Tuesday, February 8, 2011

better than wendy's

As a vegetarian, my fast food options are very limited. There are a few places where I can grab something. Wendy's is one of them. Their baked potatoes will do in a pinch, but I have to be honest - they are hard to eat on the road and I can do much better at home.

There is hardly anything easier to make out there, I take large russet potatoes, roll them in a bit of olive oil and dust them with kosher salt. Puncture them a couple of times with a fork and wrap in foil. Pop in the oven on 350 degrees for at least 45 minutes. You want the oil to moisten the skin and the salt to season it. The inside should be tender and fluffy. Warm carb heaven!

Once they are done, the fun part begins. This is where the carnivore and I get to dress our taters to our own tastes. While we both enjoy organic butter and shredded cheddar, he prefers a slice of bacon (that I cut up with kitchen shears and fry quickly in a pan) on top. I on the other hand love large dollops of sour cream and the crowns of a few broccoli florets (I like mine raw, but you can cook them if you wish). Of course, you can try just about anything - sundried tomatoes, pesto, chives, chili...

So, take note fast food purveyors - you are missing a huge market out there by not having something for us vegheads on the menu. (I know my carnivore would love his burger joint to have an option for me on our road trips.) Also, anything you do do - I can do better!


  1. From my brief time as a vegetarian, I discovered Burger King has a veggie burger on their menu. I believe it's either a Morningstar or Boca black bean burger. Isn't the most AMAZING thing ever, but it comes with a bunch of veggies on it, and is pretty good when you have limited options!

  2. Thank you for your nice blog. I'am a cook from Italy and I cook the potatoes like this and I do inside oat cheese with green herbes. Have a nice day


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