Saturday, January 29, 2011

something for everybody

If you are like me, you are dreading the days when football season ends. If you are like my carnivore, you could probably care less. I realize this seems backwards, but it is what it is in our family. Either way, you may be preparing for a Super Bowl party. (Hey, we can all use an excuse to get together again now that the holidays are behind us.) If so, here are my suggestions on how to make sure you have something for everyone who shows up:

First, and most importantly in my book you should have cheese dip. I'm not gonna give you a recipe for this one. You can find pretty good white queso in your grocery store these days. What I am gonna insist on is that you invest in a heated chip and dip tray. Honestly, one of my favorite wedding presents.

Now if you happen to have a lactose intolerant friend, I have another idea. (Can you even imagine being allergic to cheese? My worse nightmare!) Whip up a quick cilantro rich guacamole in your food processor and voila, you have a gorgeous green dip that is sure to please.

But, let's think beyond just chips and dip. What about the meatheads in your crowd? There are sure to be a few. What's better than mini bites of meat? I suggest Memphis style barbecue meatballs. They are sure to satisfy. Oh, and you can make them vegetarian friendly too.

Of course, there will be the classics in your crowd that are looking for wings. I suggest you try these nearly naked drummies instead. They may require your carnivore breaking out the grill on a brisk day, but if yours is anything like mine he loves to cook things over an open flame any time of year.

Some people will certainly have a sweet tooth too. Instead of grabbing a tray of stale cupcakes with hardened and strangely colored frosting from your grocery store (you know the ones with the little plastic footballs in them), grab some fresh fruit and make this simple honey mascepone dip. Berries and melon would be great. Plus, its a no-cook recipe for you!

If you have a bit more time on your hand you could make these adorable tarts. Just grab some seasonal fruit (perhaps apple and pears), a pre-made pie crust and you will have mini desserts in no time. Everyone likes little sweet things.

While we are on the subject of fruit, I would like to suggest my grown up version of jello shots (which just aren't a good idea people) - rum soaked chilled pineapple bites. Sure you'll have beer and whatnot to drink, but why not eat your alcohol too?

On the other hand, as the recently pregnant and currently nursing mom, I would be remiss if I didn't include a wonderful pregatini. This lime fizzy is sure to make your moms-to-be feels special. Just make enough for the whole crowd, because everyone will likely want a glass.

Enjoy the game...and the food and drinks too!


  1. I had a doctor once tell me I might be allergic to cheese. I immediately went to an allergy specialist to get tested, lest my nightmare become a reality. HUGE sigh of relief to find out I'm not allergic.
    These treats look amazing. Can't wait to make some superbowl food!


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