Friday, January 7, 2011

the incredible versatile egg

The carnivore came across the picture of this recipe the other day as he was downloading the latest 500 pics he took of baby omnivore. (BTW our child now poses for pics. I think he thinks his dad is paparazzi. He will be sorely disappointed when they don't follow him around at school I am sure.) . See, stuff I make for lunch often escapes his view. The only exceptions are if I make it on the weekend, I recreate the recipe for him, or he comes across it here on the blog. When he saw this egg dish he exclaimed, "what is that?" I explained it was something he certainly wouldn't eat. And while he agreed, he also pointed out that the possibilities are limitless. And I have to agree.

First, this recipe. Start with a small corn tortilla. Heat a 1/2 teaspoon of vegetable oil in a skillet. Warm tortilla on both sides until it is no longer stiff - about 10 seconds. Place it on a plate and set aside. Crack an egg in the still warm pan and pop the yolk. Sprinkle in some shredded cheddar cheese. Fry until done. Flip as needed. Place egg on top of tortilla. Top with a dollop of sour cream and a then a tablespoon of sun dried tomato bruschetta. Dust with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Eat while warm. The tortilla is starchy comfort. The egg is filling protein. The sour cream gives the dish a nice tang, while the tomato pesto gives it depth. Delicious!

As for variations, you could try several things for your carnivore. Like instead of sour cream, which my guy won't touch as it is on his white condiment no-no list, you could top the egg with freshly grated parmesan or manchego cheese. You could also add crumbled bacon or sausage instead of sun dried tomatoes. Of course, if you have a family with a larger palate you could try things like guacamole, fried onion crisps, chorizo, bell peppers, or black beans. As the carnivore said, possibilities are limitless. What ideas do you have? Let me know below.


  1. How about topping it with some lemon chicken?

  2. Maybe since we are in Memphis I could do BBQ chicken.

  3. I made this for breakfast this morning. Only thing I altered was salsa for the sun dried tomato bruschetta. It was excellent, so fast & easy! We will be enjoying this again and again. Thanks!

  4. Glad you liked it! Reminds me I need to make this again soon!


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