Monday, January 3, 2011

nacho mama

January means a lot of things to a lot of people. It marks the beginning of a new year, and along with it usually some resolutions. I am trying to get to the gym more and to bed earlier. In my house it also means something else - bowl season. See I am a southern girl and I care more college football than my husband. Seriously. (You might find this even more strange if you knew my husband played at the collegiate and pro level.) I watch all of the games, even the ones with goofy names. And when I do, I want food that I can eat with my hands while my eyes are glued to the TV screen. Nachos are perfect. They are also easily made in vegetarian and carnivore versions.

Start by putting your oven on a low broil. Then brown some ground beef in a skillet. Add in 1 cup of black beans and one can of diced tomatoes (drained). Stir these together with a bit of salt, pepper, and chili powder. At the same time in a small sauce pan stir together the 2 cups of black beans and a can of diced tomatoes with chilies. Heat over a low flame with salt and pepper to taste. Next lay out two baking sheets. Cover each with your favorite corn tortilla chip. On my carnivore's I add the browned beef mixture and shredded cheddar. On mine I add the beans and shredded pepper jack. Broil until cheese is melted and gooey. I like to top mine with fresh avocado pieces and some sour cream.

Happy new year everyone! Good luck on your resolutions. Gotta's on.


  1. Oh GOD, now I totally want nachos. I like mine with sour cream, homemade guacamole, and some Morningstar crumbles (used to not like them, but they are amaaazing in chili and loaded nachos like this). Even DH gets into it. ;)

    Also, my handle over at LiveJournal is nacho_cheese, so whenever I see or hear "nacho," I think they're calling my name. How sad is that, lol.

    Anyway, I left a little something for you on my blog. :) I hope it brightens your day!

  2. Thanks so much or the award! Glad you find the site helpful. And I will have to try the crumbles on my nachos next time - great idea!


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