Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its easy as ABC

Grilled cheese is my ultimate comfort food. They are also a good lunch that the carnivore and I can enjoy together on the weekend. I mean what's not to love about crunchy buttered bread and melted gooey cheese. And while my carnivore with his limited palate never wants anything more than the basics, I occasionally like to experiment with my sandwich.

Since there are so many showy apples at the stores these days I decided to switch things up a bit by adding a few slices of a pretty pink lady. I also used a nutty oat bread and colby jack cheddar. For a final flair I buttered the outside of my bread, but brushed the inside with nostril burning horseradish mustard. The result was amazing. Sweet and spicy all at the same time. (I think a stronger cheddar would have been even better to balance with the juicy warmed fruit and the chewy bread.) And it was as easy as ABC - Apple, Butter, Cheddar. Even baby omnivore gets that!

What things do you do to a simple grilled cheese to make it more special? I'd love some new suggestions!


  1. I just found an entire blog dedicated to grilled cheese! There's definitely something in the air...enjoy :)

  2. An excellent food to dedicate a blog to!

  3. I love adding meat to mine (turkey or tuna melts). I feed a carnivore at my house too, so you always have to add meat to everything.
    I sometimes add tomatoes too.

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