Friday, January 21, 2011

if i only had a brain

Let's face it, motherhood isn't easy. Not that it isn't the best thing that has ever happened to me, it is. Its just I think I left half my brain in the delivery room. When I tell you about how to make this dish, I have to admit a few things. First, instead of 1/3 cup of milk in the corn muffins that I served on the side, I put in 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. And I didn't realize it til they were already in the oven. I know, what you are thinking. Okay, not good, but not the biggest baby brain freeze ever. Well, how bout this - I started to cook red beans and rice and realized, not only did I not have enough rice, I also had no red beans. Again, not such a huge deal if you didn't know that I had been to the grocery store - with a list - just hours before. What can I say? Thanks to the carnivore the dinner was salvaged, but we came very close to just ordering pizza.

To make both a vegetarian and a carnivore version of this classic cajun dish you will need:

1 cup of uncooked rice
4 cans of red kidney beans
1 package of red beans and rice seasoning
1 link of smoked sausage
1 package of soysage (spicy as possible)
1 tblsp of olive oil
salt and pepper

Begin by slicing both your real and faux sausage. Brown them in separate pans. The fake sausage will need a bit of oil. The prepare two large pots. In each add in two cans of beans and half of the seasoning mixture. Once the sausages are ready add them in as well. Stir thoroughly and cover over a simmer for at least 30 minutes. Then start some long grain white rice in a cooker. I also baked corn muffins during this time - such as they were. Once everything is ready pile it all together in a big bowl and dig in.

See, it really isn't that hard...if I only had a brain!

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