Wednesday, January 5, 2011

can't judge a book by its cover

My dear carnivore is a former offensive lineman and thus a big guy. Often we go places and he is the tallest guy in the room too. Not surprisingly, some people find his mere presence intimidating. I, however, am not one of them. In fact we were dating for over a week before it dawned on me just how much bigger he is than me. You know what they say about love being blind and all...

Some dishes can also intimidating. Some can scare people at the very mention of their name. (Think souffle.) Risotto unfortunately falls into this category for many people. Again, I am not one of the people who feels this way. (And as often as Giada cooks it on TV I assume she feels the same way.) It is simply a special kind of rice that is cooked slowly. And today with the proliferation of many ready made packs, you and your carnivore can enjoy this at home any night. Heck, your carnivore can even make it for you! Plus, you can transform it to flavors that you love - parmesan, mushroom, garlic. This rice dish is buttery and creamy and can be made to suit any palate.

So whether you pick up a box (good for a start if you are truly intimidated) or if you make it from scratch, this sinful starch will be scarfed off your plate in no time. And, I promise, its not that hard to make. Check out a great recipe here. Its like our mixed breed puppy, who may or may not have some pit bull in her. She may look like a scary bone crusher, but she is the sweetest and most timid dog you will ever meet. As the saying goes you can't judge a book (or a dog, or a carnivore, or a dish) by its cover...

What's you favorite way to make risotto? Let me know below.

menu ideas:
Recently I served parmesan risotto with english peas. The carnivore had breaded fish fillets and I had mock crab cakes (both found at whole foods).

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