Thursday, December 9, 2010

pulling a rabbit out of your hat

I had a roommate in law school that was from Italy. His mother did everything (and I mean everything) for him, including cook. He thought anything that happened in the kitchen was magic. The poor boy lived on cup of noodle unless I fed him. And anytime I made dinner, you woulda thought I was David Copperfield. Now when I make ramen noodles I think of him and his meager noodle cups. And while the carnivore may not be as enthralled with my cooking abilities, he does like this dish.

Start with two packages of ramen noodles. Throw out the seasoning packs - yuck! Boil the noodles in water until they float to the top. In the meantime, get out two skillets or woks. In one saute chicken tenders and snow peas. In the other cook mixed frozen veggies and extra firm tofu that the liquid has been thoroughly removed. I like to use a mix of Asian flavors including sesame oil, soy sauce, teriyaki marinade, and chili paste. Feel free to experiment here with your own concoction. Once everything is ready, pile up the ramen in two large bowls. Top with the respective stir fries and enjoy.

Look, it might not be magic, but you won't believe how good it is (and how easy too).

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  1. What a brilliant post, thanks so much for sharing this with us!


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