Tuesday, November 9, 2010

cold hands, warm soup

It is finally fall, and the weather has become crisp and cool. This means a few things in my house. First, the yard is now decorated with the rust colored leaves from our dogwood. Second, its time to break out the electric blanket for cozing up on the couch (this is one of our cat's favorite things). And finally, my lunches switch from salads to soups. See, while the carnivore likes the cooler weather, I am not a fan. Maybe its the southern girl in me. Oh, I like the fall - football, sweaters, leftover Halloween candy. Its just it signals the end of the summer and it seems I am always trying to get warm from now until spring. Nothing does this better than a piping hot bowl of soup. One of my favorites is made at a lunch spot within my local bookstore. It is a creamy tomato basil bowl of awesome. This how I make my own version:

Start with 1/2 yellow onion chopped finely. Add it to a medium sauce pan with a tblsp of olive oil. Cook on low heat until soft. Then open two cans of creamy tomato soup. I like Amy's brand best. (This is not a paid advertisement.) Pour these into the pan. Then add in half of a fresh tomato chopped, seeds and all. Then stir in 12 basil leaves coarsely chopped. Next top this mixture with half a package of crumbled goat cheese, about 4oz. I like the kind with the spices mixed in, but plain will do just fine. Finally, drizzle about 1/4 cup of cream into the sauce pan. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix this all together well. Let simmer for about 15 minutes until the basil has thoroughly infused the soup and the cheese is bubbling. Serve while steaming with a few springs of fresh basil on top.

Served alongside a grilled pimento cheese sandwich this lunch is divine on a brisk fall day. I might just get warm enough to go on a walk with the carnivore, baby omnivore, and the pups...maybe. Just let me grab my sweater first.


  1. AHH! I've been waiting for this. Why I never thought to "semi-homemade" it is beyond me but now I'm excited.
    Also, your last few posts have been hilarious. Informative, but hilarious.

  2. It's not as good as Bronte's, but it's not shabby! The real cream helps. Glad I am keeping you smiling.


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