Monday, October 11, 2010

going native

The carnivore has a rule about imported beers. He only drinks beers that natives drink. Confused? Let me explain. There is never any Corona in our house. We got married in Mexico and have visited there several times. Never once have we seen a Mexican drinking a Corona. Thus, in our house we partake of Pacifico and Sol. These two beers that we discovered on our many trips to the Mayan Riviera are fantastic to sip on a humid summer night (or Fall here since the temps are staying ridiculously high). They transport me back to our adventures there almost instantly.
So, it is no wonder that when I made mini-tacos (the kind you also find in Mexico) the other night, I decided to drown the carnivore's chicken in Pacifico. To make this marvelous Mexican marinade you need only take three medium sized chicken breasts and place them in a large plastic storage bag with 3/4 a bottle of Pacifico. Feel free to swig the rest yourself - you don't want to be wasteful after all. Then add in a tbsp of kosher salt, the juice of one small lime, and 3 tbsp of fresh chopped cilantro. Swish the mixture around and coat the chicken. Place in the fridge and let it soak for at least 1 hour. Then remove and grill it. Slice the chicken and place on a warm tortilla (flour or corn) along with some shredded cheese (pepper jack would be a nice choice) and a lime wedge for juicing at the end.
And, while the carnivore scarfed down several of these chick-a-dees, I had guacamole tacos. You can find my gauc recipe here. (Think it is hard to cook for different diets? What's easier than having him grill his main dish and throwing mine in the food processor?) We both enjoyed spicy black beans and cilantro infused rice.  Sliced watermelon made a nice dessert. Oh, and of course we had a few Pacificos. 

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