Friday, October 15, 2010

change of plans

The other night I decided that I would enist the carnivore's help in cooking dinner. This generally means grilling. Open flame outdoors - that's his domain. Unfortunately, he couldn't cook his meat for me this night. Let me back up so I can fully explain.

As new parents, we are getting less sleep than any human should. We generally shouldn't operate heavy machinery. Seriously, when we get five straight hours we celebrate. So earlier in the week when the carnivore decided to clean the grill by burning off some sticky bits at a low heat and he asked me to help him remember that the grill was going it should be no surprise that we both forgot about it. Bad news - your hubby reluctantly explains that he can't grill his chops because all of the propane is gone. Good news - the house didn't burn down. Geez...

So, change of plans. Time to fry up some chops, and quick! I had marinated these thin pork pieces in a bit of virgin olive oil, kosher salt, cracked black pepper and rosemary from our garden for about two hours. I simply pulled out a large skillet, added a bit more oil, and set them in over medium high heat. I put a sprig of rosemary on each just to fill the house with that wonderful woodsy aroma - not because I expected him to eat it, but if I had to cook them I was going to enjoy it in the process. Each side only needed about four minutes and we were ready for dinner.

menu ideas:
Instead of pork I had a faux chicken cutlet from Quorn. I served both of our cutlets with sauteed green beans and smashed sweet potatoes. We also indulged in some crusty french bread. Turns out it was pretty tasty according to the carnivore. And while it was surely not as healthy as grilling, everything is better fried, even if it wasn't what I had planned!

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