Thursday, September 16, 2010

hawaii 5-0

I inherited many cookbooks from the carnivore when we got married. Most of them revolved around how to cook with canned food or how to use your microwave to make a meal. Needless to say, they went away in our first real yard sale. (Please note - others stayed. Many of those had great Italian recipes.) But, the other day I noticed one on the shelf that had clearly missed my inspection and had somehow escaped the great garage sale purge. It was the Four Ingredient Cookbook. The carnivore had dog-eared the pages, circled recipes, even starred some. Of course, even in his book four ingredients were too many if they involved veggies, so those had been scratched out on some recipes. Go figure.

Anyway, on one the marked pages I saw a recipe for Hawaiian Pork. Now, I don't know why everything with pineapple is automatically Hawaiian, but it is. But, the recipe was simple and easily adaptable for me too. I decided I would give it a try. I mean, the carnivore had clearly thought it sounded some point.

I started by placing white rice in our rice maker. While that was going I preheated the oven to have up some fake chicken nuggets for my protein. I then prepped my two main dishes. For the carnivore I salted and peppered some pork chops and dredged them in flour. For me I diced two bell pepper - one yellow, one orange. I then heated two skillets with vegetable oil. I fried the pork chops about 4 minutes on each side (these were pretty thin) - just until the get a bit crispy on each side. I sauteed my peppers at the same time with one teaspoon of chili paste. I like things spicy. Then I opened two cans of pineapple rings. I diced one can and added them to my skillet with a bit of the juice from the can. I then took the other can and topped each pork cutlet with a slice. I poured the juice from the can in the pan, covered it, and let it cook on low heat for another five minutes. In the mean time I heated up some snap peas in a sauce pan and baked my nuggets in the oven. Once everything was ready (about fifteen minutes total) I plated the dishes and we dug in.

The pineapple was so sugary sweet from the heat and a nice compliment to the sticky rice. Plus, I got the carnivore to eat fruit without him noticing! So whether you go vegetarian or porky pig, this "Hawiian" dish is a sure fire hit with just a few ingredients.

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