Saturday, September 18, 2010

going bananas

It never fails that when I buy bananas I always buy one too many. It sits there on my kitchen counter in the fruit bowl ripening more and more each day. From green to yellow and then it happens...the browning begins. Like rapid fire age spots, the banana cries out to be used. In case of said emergency in your house, let me recommend this quick fix fantastic breakfast treat.

Start with a good nutty wheat bread. Toast it til golden brown. Slather a generous amount of cream cheese. I like the whipped variety just because it spreads easier, but any kind will do. Slice your banana and add it on top. Usually I uses half a banana per slice of bread. Then drizzle with honey. Sticky, sweet morning yummy!

Now the carnivore doesn't do cream cheese or bananas he can see. So, if I were going to make a version of this for him I would mash the other half of a banana with 2 tblsp. of peanut butter (one of his favorite foods). I would put this on the toast, sprinkle with a bit of granola, and then swirl honey on top. Nutty, crunchy a.m. goodness!

Either way you can't go wrong. And I bet you have all the ingredients on hand already. Plus, that last banana will get used before it has to get tossed - which drives me bananas!

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