Monday, August 9, 2010

something special for no special reason

The carnivore doesn't usually bring me flowers for things like my birthday or our anniversary. More often than not I get flowers just because. For example, he sent me a bright bouquet while he was in Vegas. It was sweeter because it was unexpected. And the other night when I sent him to the store for green beans and dishwashing liquid, it was wonderful that he brought home two dozen roses too. Not that I am not all about making a big deal about big days, but it is nice to occasionally get something special when there is no occasion calling for it.

The same goes for cocktails. I like to make a fruity flirty concoction every now and again just because. It can make a Friday night at home with leftovers feel a bit like a date night (especially if you can get baby to take a nap while you enjoy it together). And, while this drink might not be very manly, my carnivore enjoyed it all the same. It combines wonderful summer flavors in a fizzy swirl.

To make this drink start with a few bruised leaves of either mint or basil (depending on your taste and your adventure level). Place them in the bottom of a glass with a shot (or two) of rum (depending on your taste and tolerance level). Next slice four strawberries and half of a peeled orange. Stir this fruit together in a small bowl with 1 tsp of sugar and let it soak together for about two minutes. Add some of the fruit mixture to each glass. Top with several cubes of ice. Then pour 1/2 a can of sprite zero over each. I like to leave in a long spoon so I can scoop up the rum soaked fruit at the end. Finally, sip and savor this special drink for no special reason at all.

(FYI - you can easily leave out the rum in this drink and make a pretty pregatini too.)


  1. I also love to have a special drink for no reason. We have a ton of mint in our back yard that I need to use up, and I just might be able to get my husband to drink a fruity drink in the privacy of our home!

  2. yeah - he always orders manly drinks when we are out, but the carnivore will drink fruity cocktails at home all the time!


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