Monday, August 16, 2010

i've had enough

Many times when people find out I am a vegetarian they have questions. Strange, I never have questions about why they eat meat. But in any case, the most popular question is "why?" followed closely by "how do you do it?" The answers (which I have down pat by now) overlap really. I never really liked meat (my mother claims I wouldn't even eat the meat baby food when I was a baby). It just seemed natural to me, especially the more I researched it. But, it never fails someone always asks - "but how do you get enough protein?" Well, putting aside all the research out there about how much protein the human body actually needs, strangely enough there are a lot of ways to get this vital element in your diet without meat. Shocking, I know.

This sandwich is just one example. I start with some good bread that I toast. Depending on the type you buy, you have already gotten a couple of grams of protein there. Then I add some provolone cheese to one piece of the bread while it is still warm. More protein. Next I smash an avocado half to the other slice of the bread. More protein. Then I add a chopped boiled egg. More protein. Then a few thin slices of a ripe tomato and red onion. Which yes, have protein. Finally, some salt and pepper to taste.

See, its not that hard really. And as for the other most asked question - do I still miss meat / crave it sometimes? The answer is simply no. You need only look at this protein packed sammie to see why. Oh, and if you are wondering, the carnivore never asked why I don't eat meat - it just means more for him! Let me know how you "get enough protein" below.


  1. I understand you completely because both my mother and my sister have quite eating meat for 10 years and they are probably eating a lot healthier than all the rest of us, carnivores.
    When I do not feel like having any meat, I like to focus on cheese of any kind and on milk and sometimes eggs.
    Congratulations for a wonderful website !

  2. Even though I am not a vegetarian I have to admit that I would rather eat something like this before I eat those over processed hamburgers we are all so used to. This sandwich looks delicious.

  3. People are always amazed when I tell them that a serving of yoghurt (the Balkan kind, anyway) has about 1/3rd of the "recommended" amount of daily protein (which I think is actually twice what you *need*).

  4. I could have written this statement myself. I too never really cared for meat growing up, would indulge and crave the side dishes (veggies) way more than the meat dishes mom would make. And mom was never surprised when as an adult I went completely vegetarian after I started buying my own food and living on my own. I never have missed meat...maybe because I never liked it much. I also constantly am the butt of jokes with my carnivore family and gets old FAST. I mostly hate how just because I am vegetarian does not mean I only eat salads as my meals.

  5. thanks for taking a look at the site @Cat. i love all forms of cheese too.

    glad you like the looks of the sandwich @Arnold!

    @oanababy. i eat greek yogurt almost everyday for protein.

    hope you all find some recipes you can use here!

  6. hemp is my favorite protein, from living harvest,

  7. I feel the same way. I think that they feel threatened for some reason and they shouldn't. Just more meat for them. I also hate going to events and getting limp grilled vegetables as an entree. I'm surprised that things aren't different, now with gluten- and dairy-free diets abounding.


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