Tuesday, August 3, 2010

everybody must get stoned

Certain foods carry me back to my childhood. My earliest memories of fresh food came from my great-grandmother's kitchen. They had a small farm in their backyard full of fresh corn that we shucked ourselves, purple hull beans that we snapped until our fingers were inky, and ripe blackberries that were best popped right into your mouth from the prickly vine. There was also all manner of fruit trees on the property. And while I have found memories of the bartlett pears, pink lady apple and dark cherries, my favorite by far was the plum trees. I remember the ripe fruit would fall to the ground next to the watermelons. There is just nothing sweeter than a juicy plum.

Harking back to these fond childhood memories, I decided to make a stone fruit salad after I came across some pristine plums at my local produce market the other day. I combined one red plum and one black plum with a peach and half of a naval orange. I chopped each coarsely and tossed them together. I topped this fruity mix with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a few sprigs of mint from my own garden.
menu ideas:
This simple stone salad is great at lunch. I recently had it myself along side an avocado drenched in oil and lemon juice, and some chickpeas mixed with tomatoes and red onion in red wine vinegar. It was divine. But this is also a fruit salad that I can get the carnivore to eat at the end of a meal. It would be great with burgers and grilled corn on a hot summer day. I served it when my mom was visiting with a dollop of honey vanilla greek yogurt topped with a strawberry - delicious!

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