Thursday, July 8, 2010

warhol watermelon

The carnivore and I enjoy going to art museums - at least we did before baby omnivore arrived! Anyway, at a few different galleries around the world we have viewed the work of the pop art icon Andy Warhol. We have seen everything from Campbell's soup cans to Marilyn Monroe. And whether it is Jackie Kennedy or a field of flowers, one thing remains the same - Warhols crazy color combinations. He takes something you are familiar with and twists the image by simply switching the hues.

Well, when the carnivore recently came across this yellow watermelon it reminded me of those paintings (and a purple sweet potato I ate once). But, the real question remained - what does a yellow watermelon taste like? Curious to be sure, we purchased a large slice and took it to a poolside bash with our friends. Needless to say they were as surprised as we were to come across this strangely colored fruit. The final report - it tastes like a watermelon - go figure! It is just as sweet, but with a bit of a different after taste. Also, the texture is a bit chewier. However, it was a hit all around.

So, if you come across this wacky watermelon at your local market, give it a try. It is great on its own, diced in a fruit salad along side its normal colored counterpart, or can be used in refreshing beverages - like watermelon basil lemonade or watermelon mint coolers. If nothing else it is a way to get your carnivores (adults and kids alike) to eat more fruit!

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