Monday, July 26, 2010

say cheese

I love cheese. Melted cheese is even better in my book. This means the carnivore and I often indulge in cheesy dishes - everything from quesadillas to lasagna. And, I have been known to convince the carnivore to make me a grilled cheese every now and again. (He is in charge of foods that flip in our house - like pancakes or burgers.) Its a quick and easy meal that we both can enjoy.

But after a lunch date with my BFF Jen, I was inspired to make my own special sammie. See this is not any ordinary grilled cheese. It is a grilled pimento cheese. Yes, I know pimento cheese is traditionally served cold, but you have to trust me on this one.

Start with good white bread - not the cheap stuff. Soften real butter and spread it on both sides of two pieces of bread. Place both slices in a pan on medium heat and lightly toast one side. Remove them from the pan. On the toasted side add real pimento cheese (nothing with too much mayo - my Whole Foods has a great version). Top with a thinly sliced tomato (hopefully) from your local farmers market. Add salt and pepper to taste. Then add several leaves of baby spinach leaves. Add the second slice of bread, again toasted side down. Return the assembled sammie to the pan and toast both sides till crispy and golden. The pimento cheese should be melted too.

Since this is a sandwich is not something my carnivore would touch, I had to do my own flipping for this lunch. Its okay, he was at work and probably went out for hot wings (or something else I don't eat.) I had my marvelous melted cheese sandwich with a side of spicy hashbrowns, but fresh fruit would be nice too. If your carnivore does eat pimento cheese you are both sure to enjoy this one.


  1. Best sandwich ever! Guess what I had for lunch yesterday?
    Like the addition of the spinach. Guess what I'll be having for lunch tomorrow?

  2. I'm a veggie, cheese is my favorite food, I'm with a carnivore and he is lactose intolerant - doh! We have issues ;) xo

  3. Very nice grilled cheese sandwich!

  4. it is certainly in my top three fave sammies, jen.

    and shannon - all i can say is i feel your pain!

  5. Oh wow this looks delicious, will have to try it fir lunch this week!


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