Sunday, June 27, 2010

postpartum powerhouse salad

So, I guess I should start by explaining my lengthy absence first. Long story short, this vegetarian and her carnivore now have their own little omnivore (well, since I am nursing he technically is also a vegetarian for the time being). As you can imagine the first part of my pregnancy made it so that looking at, much less writing about my leftovers was not an option. Then the fatigue set in and my cooking dwindled some. Something had to give so that I could sneak in longer naps while I cooked the baby. Then the endless to-do list coupled with a major home renovation pushed my energy elsewhere as the big day approached. Finally, our little bundle of joy arrived and I wondered where I ever found time to eat - much less take pictures of the food and write about it. But, as baby omnivore nears the two month mark, I am feeling more able to do just that.

This salad helps too. By packing in lots of vitamins, iron, and protein I actually have more energy to take care of all the family and pursue the things I love - like this blog. So, here it is my first postpartum post is a powerhouse salad.

I start with baby spinach which gives me lots iron and fiber. Then I top it with chickpeas (a fantastic source of folate) and red onion that I keep in a container in the fridge marinating in a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then I add in some goat cheese crumbles, a good source of calcium. Finally, a boiled egg sliced on top for a punch of protein. (A tip for new moms: boil enough for the whole week at once, peel them and keep in the fridge so that this salad comes together even faster). Drizzle on a bit of balsamic vinaigrette and dig in - fast - the baby might wake up!

While the carnivore wouldn't touch this salad, I am happy to report the second biggest bit of news since I last posted - the carnivore actually ate a salad! Well, salad is a loose term, but it was lettuce, carrots (warmed) and croutons (no dressing). I think it counts. But if you really want to make your salad count, I suggest trying out this powerhouse.


  1. congratulations!! i wondered what happened and am glad to hear it was something good. i will have to try this salad, too, as i have a 3 month old on now and a 3 year old!
    take care.

  2. thanks! and congrats on your latest addition too!

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