Thursday, September 10, 2009

guilt free garlic fries

The carnivore and I love fries as much as the next person. But, we don't indulge in fast food too often, so we don't get many chances to get our french fry fix. So to assuage our inner fry guy, I decided to make a healthier version at home recently to go with our grilled burgers. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard.

I started by peeling a four to five medium yukon gold potatoes. Not fun, but not impossible. In the meantime I preheated the oven to 425 degrees. Next, and this is the real trick, I sliced the potatoes into that familiar fast food fry shape - long thin strips. I placed these strips in a large bowl. I added about 2 tblsp of olive oil, 1 tsbp of kosher salt, and two minced garlic cloves. I tossed the mixture till the potatoes were well coated. I then transferred the fries to a foil lined baking sheet. I cooked the fries for about 25 minutes. Once they were crispy, I removed them from the oven and topped them with some chopped fresh parsley from our garden and grated parmesan.

They were divine, and totally calmed our fast food fry cravings. Plus, we didn't put over 500 calories and twenty grams of fat (yes, you read that right) into our bellies. Guilt free and delicious - what more can you want?


  1. Guilt free fries are the best. If you really like veggies like zucchini, squash, and eggplant, you can do like I do and cut them the same as the potatoes, then bake them all w/ some olive oil and pepper and garlic, it is fantastic! Then you have an even healthier snack w/ the extra veggies. And it is sooooooo good!

  2. They look fantastic! I love that you baked them, so it's easier to indulge w/o the guilt!

  3. I make sweet potato fries like this too--garlic and salt...mmm

  4. I bake fries in a similar manner, only I cut them thick and leave the skins on. The kids seem to really like them that way! Yours look delicious and crisp, yum.

  5. this look just like the ones from the ballpark, but without all that fat!

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  7. Mmmm, tasty! I love french fries but hate the calories. This is perfect!

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  9. Heather - hlm584(at)hotmail(dot)comOctober 5, 2009 at 5:01 PM

    Hello :0)
    I just ran into your blog the other day when I was on FoodieView - the picture of your fries looked so I tried the recipe on the weekend and they were delish - thanks for sharing such a great recipe! Adding your blog to my list of ones to read regularly!
    And just one tip to help make your fries extra crispy...when slicing up potatoes, keep them soaking in cold water while you slice up the rest - I think this helps to suck some of the starch out of them and helps to make them super crispy! Happy cooking!

  10. Oh my ... adding the Parmesan is brilliant ... I'll bet that kicked them up a few notches. I've heard that if one soaks the potatoes in ice cold water for awhile before baking, they will come out crispy on the outside while still being soft on the inside. Have you ever heard this?

    This post has made me hungry ... I think I'll head to the kitchen. :)

    Small Footprints

  11. These looks very tempting.I can't stop eating. This must be healthy.

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  13. I love french fries, it's just I hate prepare them in oil. It's good to see they can be as tasty although they are cooked in an oven. Next time, I'll try it your way! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  14. I love your baked potatoes! ;-) I bake the potatoes too... then we won't call it "fries" then. Hahaha

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