Sunday, August 30, 2009

modern mexican

I love Mexican food. I could eat it every meal of everyday. I mean, what's not to like about guacamole, fajitas, rice and beans. And of course, there is all that cheese. However, since the carnivore is more in love with Italian food than Mexican, I try to keep it interesting by mixing up the basics - even something as simple as taco night.

First, Mexican nights in my house always start with bubbly melted queso thanks to my heated chip and dip tray. But, this night I switched things up by serving the queso with organic blue corn tortilla chips. These are not only a nice change of pace, but they also pack in more protein, more antioxidants, and more nutritional value like many other purple foods.

And speaking of queso, I also decided to forgo the regular shredded cheese that you usually find in your dairy case and went straight for the real thing which I then shredded myself. I used this to top both of our tacos, adding calcium to each and leaving out all of the processed additives.

The carnivore's tacos were made with organic chicken that was sauteed in a little oil and chipotle sauce. Mine contained slices of red and orange peppers, which have been abundant at our farmer's market lately, that I cooked in a similar manner. Both of use used organic taco shells. In the end, we both enjoyed our modern Mexican night and felt good about what we had put into our bodies.

Got ways to mix-up classic Mexican meals? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I am always looking for new ways to cook my favorite foods.

menu ideas:
I served these tacos with with mashed refried black beans. You can find the recipe here - just substitute organic black beans for pinto. I also boiled two cobs of corn from the farmer's market- one white and one yellow. After they were cooked I shaved the kernels from the cob and tossed them in organic butter. These sides added both vitamin B and fiber, not to mention more wholesome goodness.

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