Saturday, July 4, 2009

red, white, and blue nachos

It is the Fourth of July and in honor of this holiday I am bringing you a crowd pleaser that is both tasty and patriotic. I came up with this idea when called upon to bring something to my dad's house for the Fourth. Now, you should know my father's house is heaven for the carnivore. There is an unlimited amount of meat on any occasion, but especially on this day. My dad grills slab after slab of ribs. And everyone there eats it. So, when asked to bring a dish I needed something that I, the lone vegetarian, could eat but that the carnivore and my meat loving family wouldn't turn their noses up at.

So, I decided to make red, white, and blue nachos. I used blue corn chips, grated pepper jack cheese and vegetarian chili. You can make your own chili (and I do when not under a time crunch) or just use the canned version. I placed all of the chips in an aluminum container and then topped it with the pepperjack. We like things spicy, but you could use any other white cheddar or queso. Finally I poured the chili on top. I placed the whole thing in the oven under a high broil for about 3 minutes - just enough to melt the cheese. Tada - nachos!

It was fantastic (and I didn't have to tell anyone it was a vegetarian dish). So, if you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, try out this twist. It is a good idea for kids and adults alike on this special day, or any day for that matter. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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