Friday, July 10, 2009

pretty and pink lemonade

So, as you may know the carnivore and I are experiencing an abundance of basil. We have made our own pesto and have put it in every Italian dish imaginable. But, what does that green herb have to do with this pink drink? Well, in short, I was looking for more ways to use up the basil. I kept coming across recipes for watermelon and basil drinks. I do love watermelon cocktails, so I was intrigued. Let me explain...

I didn't see a recipe anywhere for this exact cocktail, but here is what I decided to make - watermelon and basil infused lemonade. I started with a frozen lemonade mix which I made according to the package. I then sliced several chunks of watermelon which I stirred in along side a few basil leaves. I then let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour. And, I have to say it was tart and yummy. I then made it a little more adult by adding a shot of vodka to each tall glass. Again, outstanding.

But, what about that pink drink? Well, after having this luscious lemonade cocktail for a few days, I decided I wanted something even cooler. So, I removed the basil leaves and poured the remaining lemonade and watermelon into a blender with several ice cubes and a few more shots of vodka. I blended it till pretty and pink. Probably a little too cute for the carnivore, but I loved it. It was a wonderful twist on pink lemonade.

So, whether you have a special glass of lemonade, a more adult version of the same thing, or a icy pink lemonade cocktail you can't go wrong!

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  1. This definitely meets my expectation from a summer drink. Lemon and watermelon together is a great idea. Sounds so refreshing with the touch of basil leaves.


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