Tuesday, July 28, 2009

cabbage patch kid

There is a long list of green vegetables that the carnivore doesn't eat. In fact, he could probably go the rest of his life without eating anything green. I, however, can't go a day without lots of green veggies. So, I often make myself a side dish that he has no interest in. Recently, I cooked up one of my old school favorites - cabbage.

It is a veggie that is very reminiscent of my childhood and not just because it makes me think of cabbage patch kids. When I was little my mom used to make cabbage, not only because it is a very cost effective vegetable but it also packs in great nutrients like vitamin C and fiber. I know you wouldn't believe it to look at me now, but I used to eat like a bird and she had to get bang for her buck.

So, here is how me and mom make cabbage (it couldn't be more simple). Start by washing the cabbage and removing the top layers. Then chop a whole head into bite sized chunks. Next add about 1 tblsp of vegetable oil to a high-sided skillet. Heat the pan to medium and add in the cabbage. It should sizzle when it goes in. Saute the cabbage until it is soft but not soggy. Add in lots of salt and pepper to season it. Serve while pipping hot!

menu ideas:
The night I made this cabbage, we had beer brauts. The carnivore's of course were the real deal and mine were soy. He had his in buns, while I didn't. We also had onion rings. In the end, we were both stuffed! I also like cabbage on a night when I am just having sides - like black eyed peas, fresh tomato slices, fried okra and corn muffins. On these nights the carnivore usually gets a piece of pan fried chicken instead of the cabbage and tomatoes.


  1. You and I are having the similar way of stir-frying cabbage, just that I usually saute a few small dried shrimps (Chinese ingredients) before putting in the cabbage. To me, greens are almost a must when dinning at home. That is why I have got quite a couple of vegetable recipes on my blog though it is just started.

  2. never thought about shrimp, but i have seen some recipes that add in apples which might be nice in the fall.

  3. I love cabbage that way, too! I also add in corn because it's my fave. Served with fried chicken? Yes, please.

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