Friday, June 12, 2009

when in mexico eat thai food

One of the reasons the carnivore and I love Playa Del Carmen so much is that it has really great Mexican food (which I could eat everyday and not get tired of) and since there are many Italian ex-pats here, there is also really good Italian food (the carnivores favorite food). But, there are also many other types of ethnic offerings. We like the Mayan food offered at Yaxche and even had our rehearsal dinner there. There are even Lebanese places and and Sushi bars. This time the carnivore and I decided to try another one of our favorite foods - Thai. We found a great little place called Babes.
It was decorated with lots of pin-up girl paraphenalia. No wonder it caught the carnivore's eye...
The carnivore order a few beers but I started the meal with what I can only describe as the world's biggest mango daquari.We then ordered some yummy apps. The carnivore had cicken satay and I had refreshing vegetarian spring rolls. And, as the menu stated - they were very fresh.For dinner the carnivore ordered the deep fried thai shrimp. I ordered the same thing in tofu form, but as the waitress informed me, "We are a Thai restaruant, but sometimes we are Mexican. We are out of tofu today." I was a little amused and a little bummed, but I ordered the veggie Pad Thai. The carnivore devoured his and mine was fine - just a tad sweet. I think I was still lusting for tofu.All in all it was excellent and fresh. The atmosphere was also fun. Plus, the next day, the carnivore stopped and got my some tofu while I was working from the beach. And, it was worth the wait. So, when in Mexico, eat some Thai food. You won't be dissapointed.

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