Thursday, June 4, 2009

strawberry fields forever

I must tell you I adore my carnivore. He is always finding things for us to do that he knows I will enjoy. The other day, he found a place where we could pick our own strawberries!
Undaunted by the fact that I had just purchased a whole quart of strawberries at the grocery store, I immediately agreed that we should head out and pick some of our own. What I was going to do with them once they were in my house I was unsure. But a person can never have too many strawberries, right?So we drove to a little roadside farm, and got our own bucket and commenced to pick some strawberries with all the other people who had decided to take advantage of this opportunity. And did I mention it was a deal? They were only $1.89 a pound!
The rows weren't exactly over flowing with huge berries, but little red bursts popped from the green leaves and were easy enough to spot. We filled up our little bucket pretty fast which was good because the dog who was waiting in the car was ready for her walk (please note she had access to fresh air and water and it was not hot outside - i.e. no dogs were harmed during this strawberry picking).
When we got home I rinsed our fresh berries and started dreaming of what to do with this unexpected influx of extra strawberries...jam, cupcakes, or strawberry waffles for breakfast...yeah that's it!
And, even though the strawberries we picked were tiny compared to their store purchased siblings, they had ten times the taste! So, if you carnivore ever offers to take you strawberry picking, I highly recommend trying it and then rewarding him with a strawberry treat.


  1. Oh, I have gone before and they are always so much tastier! Our strawberry season here doesn't start until later this month. I can't wait! Your waffle photo looks so tempting!

  2. So much fun. We just went the other day, and brought home 10 quarts.

  3. wow! 10 quarts! i was overwhelmed with two in my house (of course there is just two of us). what did you make with all those strawberries? i bet it was yummy. they were so tasty!

  4. You can't beat a day at the pick your own strawberry farm!!


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