Thursday, June 11, 2009

mas tequila

The carnivore and I have been to Playa del Carmen many times. This time we have rented a condo with some friends. When you rent a condo you are required to make at least one trip to the Walmart. This is no different in Mexico. What is different is what you can get at the Walmart. And some things are not so surprising. We stocked up on fruit - like pineapples, watermelon, and mangoes. We filled the fridge with the local beer (Sol and Pacifico). We got lots of rice avocados for snacking. Etc...

What is different is the massive quantities you can buy tequila and lime in. Or, maybe it isn't that surprising when you think about it. We purchased what seemed like a million limes (not all pictured here) for one dollar. We also grabbed this ginormous bottle of tequila for about $35 dollars. So, it is true everywhere, Walmart is cheap and has everything you need. And in Mexico that means having all the ingredients for many margaritas.

I have not been in charge of making margaritas on this trip (mostly because tequila and I still don't talk too often). But, my carnivore's best friend tells me he makes them by filling up the blender with ice cubes, then adding in enough tequila to fill it to the one cup mark, then enough simply sugar to make it to the 3 cup mark and finally several limes (about 6). When people think these are too strong he adds in some margarita mix too - which they also sell at Walmart. Go figure...

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  1. Oh wow these look lovely, thank you for sharing the recipe with us!


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