Thursday, June 18, 2009

BLT salad

When I go out to eat I often find myself asking about whether or not there is bacon in something or another. Do those potato skins have bacon? Can you not put the bacon on that spinach salad? Is it possible to get the egg sandwich without the bacon? Maybe it is because I live in Memphis - home of all things pork. Or maybe it is because I live in the South. Or maybe America just has an obsession with bacon.

Our household is not immune to this phenomenon. We own the cookbook, "Everything Tastes Better with Bacon." I got it for the carnivore, because if there is one thing he loves more than anything else it is bacon. (Really, me and the dog might be a a close second.) If there is one thing he hates, its salad. So, while I do like the taste of bacon and regularly enjoy the Morningstar breakfast strips (also known as "facon" in my house), we usually don't have BLTs. That would be too much like a salad, what with all that lettuce and tomato. But, they doesn't mean I don't crave a good BLT or a salad for that matter.

So recently, I decided to turn my craving for a BLT sandwich into a salad. Two birds with one stone. Plus, it is more figure friendly. I used crispy romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes from my local market, two pieces of fake bacon, and sea salt and pepper croutons. I added in some creamy avocado too. I topped it all off with a rich (and not so figure friendly) buttermilk ranch dressing. It was nothing short of wonderful!

If you are lucky enough to have a carnivore who will eat salads I am sure he would love this. What guy doesn't want to eat more bacon? Plus, you can feel good about the fact that you managed to get them to eat their veggies. And, if you are a vegetarian for once you can have that salad with the "bacon" for a change.


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