Sunday, June 21, 2009

a minty fresh refreshment

As you may know, the carnivore and I planted out own herb garden this year. And, as people warned us our mint has gone crazy. So, I went looking for recipes to use it up. And this is what I found in an old Real Simple - peach and mint iced tea.

For those of you not from the South, iced tea, mostly sweet tea, is a staple here. This is especially true when the temperature reaches in the high 90s, as it has here this past week. And, that's not taking into account the humidity which makes it feel like it is well over 100 degrees. As such, iced tea is required to keep us hydrated and sane.

So I made a big batch of regular iced tea to start. And, as I am a sucker for all things peach and have just found a few that are ripe enough at the market, I picked up a few. I peeled and chopped them up. I also gathered some mint and chopped it up. I placed the mint and peach pieces in the glass. I topped them with ice and a splenda (I am southern girl girl after all and the sweeter the better). I poured the tea on top and stirred.

It was wonderful, but the mint kept getting in my mouth. So, here is what I have learned...keep the mint leaves in tack. Bruise them a little and place them at the bottom of the glass. This seems to work better and the drink is just as refreshing.

So if you too have an abundance of mint, and are in need of a little refreshment, here is one idea at least...


  1. I am an iced tea lover. I am not from the South, but I love sweet tea brewed with fresh mint. I think I may try adding the peach sometime. Here is my recipe if you'd like to check it out, makes the perfect iced tea every time.

  2. What a wonderful post, love a minty tea you can't beat them.


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