Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a working mat that works

I am not a neat freak, but I do like to keep things nice while I am cooking, mostly so I don't have to clean when I am done making dinner. The carnivore gave me this product this past Christmas, and not only does it work well, but it also keeps my counters clean.

This working mat, or pastry mat, is silicone on both sides so it sticks to the counter. So, when you dust it with flour, you can roll any dough on it with ease. For example, I love to use it when I am making my calzones. There is no slipping or sliding.

Plus, it is huge! I am a little messy when it comes to baking, but this mat is big enough for me to spread out on without worry. The one the carnivore got me also has lots of great measurement markers on it as well - not that I have used them yet.

But, the best thing about this mat is how easy it makes clean up. No more messy counters! I just pick up the mat and rinse it with warm water, and like that I am all done. Plus, it rolls up for easy storage.

The one I have came from King Arthur Flour, but I have placed a similar one in my amazon store if you are interested in getting your own. I highly recommend it for all you bakers out there.

Do you have a kitchen gadget that helps keep your kitchen clean? Let me know!

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  1. A great help in the kitchen, I couldn't do without mine. Thanks for posting this. Everyone needs one of these.


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