Friday, May 22, 2009

warm and fluffy inside

Since I just wrote a post about pancakes, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you my favorite pancake related gadget. This wonder is know as the pancake warmer. As I have mentioned before, the carnivore is in charge of pancakes (and other foods that require flipping). So, I got this for him as a gift for Christmas a few years ago. I figured it combined two of his loves - pancakes and gadgets. If it were only electronic somehow...

Alas, it may not be high-tech, but it is genius. It keeps your pancakes warm while you are cooking the rest of the batter. You then simply transport the whole container to the table and pass around the warm fluffy goodness. This ceramic container is nice and roomy. It can hold big pancakes or silver dollar ones. It is also sufficiently tall enough to hold a large stack of pancakes. The little holes allow the pancakes to vent and not get soggy, but trap in the heat until it is time to eat.

We like to go head and pre-butter the pancakes as we place them in the warmer so that it can go ahead and melt. Yum! A word of caution, while this is great for pancakes, it is not so good for waffles. They need to stay a little bit crispier than this gadget allows. In any case, the pancake warmer is a great addition to your kitchen / breakfast table. It can also make a great gift when combined with some specialty pancake mix and syrup. I could not find a similar item at Amazon to place in my store, but you can find this exact model at Crate and Barrel.


  1. Oh how great. I always get a little sad when the pancakes at the bottom are so cold.

  2. Wow, I have A LOT of kitchen gadgets, but have never seen that before!

    I normally heat my oven to 250, and as my pancakes are done, they get transfered to an oven safe dish and stay toasty - but I like your idea better!

    Now if I can just convince the hubby that I need another kitchen gadget! :D

  3. Wow. This solves one of the problems that I have making pancakes -- I hate having to let the first=made-cakes get cold and hard while finishing up the batch.

  4. I've used a covered casserole for as long as i can remember. I'm all for devices that multi-task.


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